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Once a secure session has been established, a padlock or key icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your browser window. Figure shows the close up view of the MPR keypad.

The data from the master drive will mznual be copied to the target drives and then the data in the target drives will be verified bit by bit against the master drive. If any error, display it. The following screens on the LCD show the different steps during the copy operation and indicate that the copy is in progress.

For your protection and to keep your transactions confidential, we advise you get the latest in security protection. Click Update under Tools menu and select the appropriate update file and click Open.

Nortel M Telephone Aastra NT4X41

Figure Enter Module Serial Number 5. A test job is created called Test. As soon as the MPR unit is powered on after connecting the keyboard, mouse and LCD monitor, the initial desktop screen looks as below. Set the size of the LUN0.

These menus are listed in the sections below. If the box is checked, the GUI will make sure all the target slots are occupied. If there is no master device, this option should be selected to search and use the first device available in the first, second or Nth slot for checking configurations. If the value is set to 0, the entire capacity of the drive will be taken FAT Click OK to save this job.


If the value 0 is not changed the entire capacity of the Drive will be used. Download the software update from IMI website. Select the job you wish to run from the list of jobs available in the Job List window. The MPR is now ready to use for duplication. The eight digit hex byte checksum of the data source. If this option is checked, the user is allowed to skip verify error.

The source can either be a formula or a file. Upon completion of mannual copy job, a summary screen with pass and fail results is displayed. If the source is a Formula, the formula needs to be specified to generate the serial numbers in the desired pattern. The user can chose to see the logs for the last job run, all jobs run today or jobs runs mwnual a specified time range. Figure below shows the three log files saved on a USB drive and Figure shows a snapshot of the server.

If the warranty has expired, update may be purchased. When the barcode feature is enabled, a dialogue box Figure will be displayed to ask for the name of barcode file when the GUI starts. The front panel has 9 keys and a LCD screen which is a 2 line, 24 character display. Choose if n5208 Drive should be configured as a removable or as a fixed Drive.

Before you begin a secure transaction with us, your security level is automatically tested by our systems. The available operations for this list are shown on the left column of the Job Editor screen shown in Figure This setup is for smart operations where the user wishes the MPR to ignore an invalid m5028 system.


Nortel M5208 Meridian Manuals

The data from the master drive will now be copied to the target drives. A sample formula is shown in Figurewith the different fields in manuak formula enabled. Please contact IMI if you require this feature or need more information regarding it. Once you click on any slot icon, the module serial dialog appears prompting you to enter the serial of the device.

The voltages applied to the memory devices being duplicated are checked internally during the normal operation of the instrument. A window will be shown as in Figure The updated files will be copied to the correct locations in the MPR.

Here, 14 devices passed the Copy and one device failed. The Job Run tab displays the run time information of the job. Figure Error Message 3.


A fixed eight digit hex number is used for the copy data, eg. The user can perform a verify after an erase by checking the verify check box in the erase operation, as shown in Figure below. To edit this file, 1.