Hout-Louis – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Hout-Louis Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download Hout-Louis Description. The son of a cathedral organist, Louis Andriessen has attracted Music, Mozart; ‘ Rosa; ’94 Zilver; ‘ Trilogie van de Laatste Dag;.

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Similar Artists Julia Wolfe. Symfonie Voor Losse Snare. Whatever its shortcomings, Reconstructie made instant stars of its collaborators. Perhaps most remarkable is Andriessen’s willingness to tackle the most thorny philosophical questions: You did different things with it, but the material, the matter – and this is andriessdn the word first hit me – was the same.

His fraught relationship with the classical establishment hotu over in November when, with fellow travellers, he took part in a demonstration at a Concertgebouw Orchestra concert in Amsterdam.

It was an amazing, thundering noise. Though a romance soon blossomed, Yanikian was initially nervous of getting too close. The work is a swirl of ideas, ranging from the Greek theory of atomism to Marxist dialectical materialism, and populated by a highly idiosyncratic array of mostly Dutch historical figures. De Volharding excerpt Composer.

Known as a left-wing composer in the s, his controversial work leapt out of the confines of concert hall or opera house and into the debating chamber of the Dutch parliament, where questions were asked about the justification for state funding of his “Marxist opera” Rekonstructie. Perhaps his purest luois most poignant anfriessen of this period, written between andis De Staat, which employs Plato’s Republic andriwssen make overtly Marxist points about the conception, production and consumption of music.


The two men found this collaboration so productive they were soon cooking up plans for a far more involved hiut Rosa’s horses – suite. Louis was always improvising on the piano. Orchester De Nationale Opera. He and Jeanette only got around to marrying six years ago – “We considered that a bourgeois convention.

De Stijl final section Composer. His uncle, Willem Andriessen, was a prominent concert pianist. I never like to give a lecture lohis I teach. It was, however, Louis’s brother Juriaan who first made his mark, in at just 24, with a startlingly precocious work, Berkshire Symphony, which so impressed Russian choreographer George Balanchine that he created a ballet to the music.

I think this has now become part of the Dutch way of performing. It is heavily influenced by both Reich and Glass. By now, he was becoming well-known in musical circles and in he conducted his work Ittrospezione III at the Concertgebouw. Performances Popular All Recommended.

It’s tugging at my arm, but in the wrong way. We never had a composer the rest of the world could remember, such as Grieg in Norway or Smetana in Czechoslovakia, and that has a big negative influence on composition in Holland.

Ironically, he happened to be working on a piece around the theme of death: Having decided not to have children they are devoted to their two andriesseen and to work, she as a musician and therapist, he as a composer: Rosa’s horses – suite Composer.

Louis Andriessen – Concerts, Biography & News – BBC Music

Since he has combined teaching with his work as a composer and pianist. And now for young composers in America he has become a kind andriewsen godfather of minimalism. De Materie, his four-part music-theatre examination of the essence of matter. Show more Show less. De Stijl final section. As a young man, Andriessen wore his hair in a long, lank, hippyish manner, called himself a Marxist and campaigned gout against the war in Vietnam. He associated with Rob Aussen and Misha Mengelberg.


De Tijd – extract.

Louis the first

Back in Amsterdam inAndriessen began writing prolifically: Impressed by Terry Riley’s minimalist work, which had recently been premiered in Holland, he began work on De Volharding, “the first minimalist piece by any Dutch composer”, he says.

Ramifications and branches are the same word in Dutch. They said he was the wrong type of person to associate with. Louiz, born inhails from a musical dynasty. His father – who detested the German tradition and adored Debussy and Ravel – would take him up to the cathedral organ loft: In Andriessen began collaborating with filmmaker Peter Greenaway, producing the film M is for Man, Music and Mozart and two operas: Andriessen is among the most omnivorous of contemporary composers.

Sign in to the BBC, or Register. Because I am being compelled by it so much. On one of these trips we had loud music on – Prokofiev or Tchaikovsky – and someone suddenly shouted ‘how fast andiressen we have to drive to go as fast as the music? Read more at Wikipedia.

After the conservatory, Andriessen went to Milan to study with the serialist Luciano Berio.