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These QoS parameters are defined as weighting factors according to the application requirements.

Leila Baccouche

The choice of the suitable route to transfer the real time data in ED-DSR is conditioned by three factors: Detailed analysis of the performance difference lleila performed in sections 5 and 6.

In route reply, each intermediate baccoucbe node will stamp its current status in the RREP packet. Thus, its global energy consumption remains lower than DSR one. Therefore, the real-time data may miss their deadlines. In fact, with ED-DSR, the real-time packets that expire their deadlines are discarded by the intermediate mobile nodes. Changing expiration delay for different node densities has not a significant impact on average energy consumption of ED-DSR.

Perkins, Chapter 5, pp. Cost function is defined based on baaccouche energy, queue length, processing and transmission time of intermediate nodes. K1 bandwidth data rateK2 link delay latency and K3 route lifetime minimum battery lifetime of nodes in the route.

Therefore, the lifetime of intermediate mobile nodes should be prolonged by conserving energy either at each node and for each connection lwila, too. In this environment, both the user and the data source will be moving, so finding a route from one mobile node to another mobile node is usual necessary before submitting a real-time data. Moreover, the route selection criteria should consider that in the mobile ad-hoc network there are other traffics generated and they could take some joint nodes.


VTLS Chameleon iPortal Format complet

If there are more packets in badcouche queues along the route, the transmission will inevitably suffer a longer delay. The protocols were evaluated through the NS Next, baccohche observe the variation of network lifetime while the number of nodes is increased.

This status information is shown in Table 1, in which i is the index for the mobile nodes. Indeed, choosing the same route to transfer all packets of real-time data through the reserved route may exhaust the energy of these nodes leading to the network partitioning problem.

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Bacfouche ED-DSR packet delivery ratio reflects the packets that have respected their real-time deadline constraint and will be handled in time. The network lifetime of SMH nodes for different node densities Small mobile host, SMH, lifetime diminution according to node density augmentation is justified by the increase of generated routing overhead.

Deploying real-time applications using data services in mobile ad hoc networks MANETs implies several constraints. In fact, in route selection, our proposal algorithm utilizes the network resources in terms of node energy and node load in order to balance traffic load. They indicate that ED-DSR prolongs network lifetime and achieves lower energy dissipation per bit of data delivery, higher volume of packets delivered and lower end-to-end delay.


Weighting factors are introduced to improve the route selection. It ensures both timeliness and energy efficiency by avoiding low-power baccoucge overloaded intermediate mobile nodes. It is relative to the queue length along the current route. Skip to main content. All results reported here are the averages for at least 5 simulation runs. The cost function will be calculated as follows: Networking and Internet Architecture Authors and titles for cs.

When the communication load increases, a number of packets are dropped, the route discovery is restarted and the packet delay increases with Vaccouche. It makes changes in the phases of route request and route reply.

In route reply, the second phase allows reserving resources of the discovered route, by the first phase. W is calculated as follows: ED-DSR efficiently utilizes the network resources such as the intermediate mobile nodes energy and load.

A QoS Architecture for Real-Time Transactions Guarantee in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

The neighbour nodes in the broadcast range receive this RREQ message and add their own address and again rebroadcast it in the network. The cost function is calculated from the current status information of the baccoiche mobile node. The selected route should satisfy delay requirements, preserve energy consumption and avoid overloaded intermediate mobile nodes.

Finally, the routing agent at the source node will collect the RREP.