Hermann Ungar-Los Mutilados (capitulo III). TheLibraryMouse ES. Loading Unsubscribe from TheLibraryMouse ES? Cancel Unsubscribe. Ecco, con I mutilati Hermann Ungar assesta un colpo tale da mandare in frantumi Los mutilados, es un relato terrible sobre las perversiones y locuras más. Los mutilados / The Maimed: Hermann Ungar: Books – Amazon .ca.

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Somos carne en un matadero a punto de ser despiezados Franz develops an intense aversion to her which is impressed upon his memory the part in her black hair contrasted with the whiteness of her scalp.

Los mutilados

Or, alternatively, if one hates women and Karl does,then maybe on a scale of one to ten where ten is the most hideous prospect, the fat woman scores. Franz seems to dread everything in life so intensely, and often his worst suspicions come true. Karl suspects his wife of having affairs and planning his murder. To ask other readers questions about The Maimedplease sign up. But then it gets weirder, and the idea of Karl Fanta, the 3-time amputee, is disturbing, and the unclear motives of everyone is nightmarish.

Predatory and not about sex either. Karl becomes ill and is sent away for treatment. The ending was also a but confusing and absurd, maybe as intended by the authorbut ultimately a fascinating read for everyone who likes Kafka, Hamsu Herman Ungar writes himself into the modernist tradition, with a hit of surrealism, tackling the alienation of ordinarily people in the modern society, through the eyes of an unreliable storyteller, touching the themes of sexual repression, angst and murder.

Both protags are socially inept recluses who fall sexual prey to malevolent fat older women housekeepers.

Picked it up in a used bookstore in Prague on discount, from a small press focused on translating old Czech works into English. This book is crazy, horrifying, and strange. I noticed as I was preparing to post that the book is out of print. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Karl, who is now married and has a teenage son, becomes prominent once more in Franz’s life.


From that moment he continued to devote himself to literature and, in addition to narrations, he wrote two novels and two plays, among which he undoubtedly stands out entitled The Red General As his relationship with Frau Porges progresses, it becomes more humiliating.

Everyone else probably said Kafka. This imagery sticks with him and shows up later in the book causing him paralyzing anxiety as he thinks of his landlady, Frau Porges: However upon a second read the novelty has worn off and the morbidity becomes more apparent, so his work does appear less objective than I remember, too gothic; Ungar seems at too much of a remove from the character he’s created, so that some of his descriptions seem judgmental.

Meanwhile Sonntag, who was formally a butcher, often wears his old blood-stained apron, waves his big knife around and has long speeches on how repentant he is for his days when he spilled calf’s blood. He was praised by Thomas Mann as a great writer. Qualcuno ha detto che questo romanzo psicologicamente inquietante fa sembrare le opere di Kafka una piacevole passeggiata nel parco.

It became being tired. As we read the confessions of Polzer’s twisted mind, Unger leaves more than enough to the imagination, and yet, without telling every gory detail, he still manages to set your flesh crawling. All in all, thoroughly fabulous and totally unsettling.

Los mutilados / The Maimed : Hermann Ungar :

Um verdadeiro freak show. How he notices that Karl’s innocent son Franz looks as his father used to.

The Maimed by Hermann Ungar wonderfully terrifying descent into paranoia, perversity and the power of abuse. Ujgar paranoid Karl fears that Sonntag is in a conspiracy with various other people and plans to murder him in his sleep.

Refresh and try again. Ungar, a German speaking Moravian, wrote, as far as I know, one other novel, one play, and one collection of short stories — this is the only one in English, so all power to hsrmann marvellous Twisted Spoon Press for publishing this they have one of the finest small press lists there is.


I don’t like to be bludgeoned with character motivations, and Ungar is so subtle in this work, it’s terrifying. He consistently obsesses over her fat and the part in her black hair that reminds him of his aunt.

He is frightened of her and repulsed by her. Franz Polzer, a bank clerk, stuck for decades in a mediocre and brutalizing routine, stays at Klara Porges’ house, a still young widow who enslaves him. I’m pretty sure the attendant killed the landlady, but he doesn’t defend himself because he doesn’t know how to act with other HUmans.

Set in Prague, The Maimed relates the story of a highly neurotic, socially inept bank clerk who is eventually impelled by his widowed landlady into servicing her sexual appetites. At one point, Karl becomes so verbally abusive to his wife and son that the son, also named Franz, confides in Polzer providing another sexually confusing moment: This is a nutso book.

No, mtuilados sociedad no tiene sentido.

Her arm was around his shoulders. The paintings would have eyes that seem to follow your every move. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Maimed

His novels were influenced by expressionism and psychoanalysis. Published April 1st by Twisted Spoon Press first published This part reminded me soooo much of a great short story in the Edogawa Rampo short story collection that I read in It is really too bad if no one knows what I’m talking about. The Attendant’s character is great, really impressed me, his role and motivation in everything. The narrative crests on a wave of building paranoia echoes of Kraznakohai to be foundwith multiple layers of symbolism, expressionism and dreamworks in the spanner, revolving, of course, around Karl, the Aspergers sexual slave.

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