Earth is irreparably broken, Bill McKibben argues. So now what?. Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet is a book written by Bill McKibben, published by Henry Holt and Company in In the opening chapter. The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hansen Eaarth by Bill McKibben This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein Field .

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We need to press our technologies into service to help us survive, but we also need to return to a Depression-era sense of frugality and saving for rainy days. She had dengue and she had to go to the nearby community clinic to have her platelet examined.

So here are my candidates for words that may help us think usefully about the future. And not in a good way. Medium sized mammals like us will likely die because we won’t be able to adapt to the warmer temperatures. One does have to wonder why it’s so easy for our “leaders” to turn their backs on finding ways to mitigate a likely global catastrophe. It will be a more Jeffersonian future than a Hamiltonian one” McKibben points out that this “maintain a healthy planet” or “return to our healthy planet” for our “grandchildren” is baloney.

That answered almost all of the questions I had in mind regarding global warming. Not that McKibben has to answer them in this slim volume about pages.

Yep, it’s scary shit. We’re pretty much doomed – we’re doing virtually nothing saarth curb our consumption of fossil fuels and our carbon emissions, we’re already past the point of no return when it comes to ppm in the air of CO2 and it’s only going eaarhh get worse, and we’re basically sliding head-first into bh disaster that no one can avert unless eaartj do something drastic fast – and then it might be too late anyway.

The second half is a partial call to arms, to living in small local communities etc etc- all mckibbeen good commonsense rhetoric we’ve been hearing in the past couple years. Now, by this point, I was ready to slit my wrists. Bill McKibben is a good writer who can take dry scientific information and make bjll compelling. Moreover, so far as staying warm in the winter goes, he advocates using wood.


Shane rated it really liked it Shelves: Even in the bloated fossil fuel-dependent society we live in today, those answers are hard to come by, so mcmibben will a nation of small farmers maintain that kind of media?

We’re hindered to a large extent by the fact that the fossil fuels that provide so much of what we use is becoming harder to get, and more environmentally costly, so we have to use the knowledge we bought with it to find alternatives that will last over the long term. He directly mentions women’s roles and the steps we have taken culturally to equalise the genders- I appreciated this, a direct response to his critics and a gentle altering of his worldview to include global communication.

Obama has made motions about changing his policies but when it comes to implementing tougher policies, has done very little. Today literally today the Paris Accord signed by the EU is a tiny step forward as we also see Exarth again thrashed by another mph hurricane.

Praise ignorance, for what man bby not encountered he has not destroyed. Jan 22, Susan Austin rated it really liked it. Along with local agriculture, consider local power generation. I will say this: There is a way to ride out this storm–not the coming storm, but the storm that has, in so many ways, already arrived.

No one wants to talk about this dying elephant in the room. The main point of this excellent book, is that our planet is not the same as it used to be; hence, the title Eaarth.

Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

He gets so much of it, that part of me just wants to pass over the parts that he doesn’t get. Update May 11, — original review written on July 26, The spread of dengue fever.

His book is based on observable phenomena that have HAPPENED – disappearing glaciers, disappearing antarctic ice, measurable eaaryh of biol rain forest, and of course the effects of long years of factory farming. I liked this book very much.


Some people are taking another look at small-scale agriculture, getting away from a dependence on artificial chemicals and fertilizer. Significantly less power and influence from a central government. As someone who is going Green as quickly as my limited finances allow, I can relate to much of what McKibben is talking about.

After laying plain the chilling facts about climate change, he gives the reader a virtual hug and hot chocolate for the last third of the book. The polar ca Here’s a book to keep you up at night; it did me. His argument is that we now have to learn how to adapt. Change—fundamental change—is our ny hope on a planet suddenly and mckbben out of balance.

The changing of the climate is global, so we’ve refurbished the entire planet. Denounce the government and embrace the flag.

In the second half McKibben gives examples of what remains to be done to survive, since thriving in any sense we might have imagined it in watching the Jetsons is already gone. He quotes Jules Pretty as saying that farmers can create a meter of soil in ten years. I also appreciate that this book says point-blank what I think a lot of environmentalists are afraid to say: In The Boston Globe called him “probably the nation’s leading environmentalist,” and Time magazine has called him “the world’s best green journalist.

So as usual, insanity prevails. Jun 01, Melody rated it liked it. McKibben describes a dozen or so groups and organizations, from Vermont to Africa to Brazil, where people are crowning their own food, bartering, co-oping if that’s a word and conserving, creating, and minimizing energy use.

Travel less, especially by air. This is not just a “culture war” — even people who understand the importance of organics aren’t sure.

Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben

Want more of everything ready-made. Apr 19, Corrina rated it it was amazing. We’ve created, in very short order, a new planet, still recognizable but fundamentally different.