Read “My Wonderful World Of Slapstick” by Buster Keaton with Rakuten Kobo. Over half century ago the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Review: My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton, Charles Samuels. Ernest Callenbach. FILM QUART Vol. 13 No. 3, Spring, (p. 62) DOI: /. An intimate, personal story of Buster Keaton’s private and professional life.

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Read more Read less. The marriage lasted until his death in of lung cancer, and the two even performed together at the Cirque Medrono in Paris regularly she had been a dancer. I find this era of the silent film and vaudeville intriguing, partly because these things are extinct to my generation.

Pop and the other passengers had to get off and gather up more fuel before they could proceed. Some other reviewers mention how modest Buster is in this memoir. He doesn’t speak ill of her nor even mention her by name. Meanwhile, Press Eldridge had streaked for the street.

After our first roughneck routine my mother, as usual, played a saxophone solo.

It was good, to hear Dr. The irony of this was that the do-gooders got us in the end, because we’d played a benefit show for a charity. Pop, as usual, was in the smoking car gabbing happily away about the five Keatons. When I woke up I once more went adventuring in the back yard.

My Wonderful World Of Slapstick : Buster Keaton :

The most unique character in vaudeville. After obtaining the tipping instructions from the driver, Pop distributed some more largesse bustrr took all hands to the nearest pub for a round of drinks. But most of them came to catch the show the fol- lowing week, possibly to prove that Ivy League undergraduates could behave as well as so many well-bred kaeton drivers. Avedon said I could live to be a hundred years old. I didn’t read this to socio-politically critique it as I read, and I didn’t.


After they left I sent downstairs for some slapsgick, and at 1: Within minutes the house manager was in our dressing room. As soon as Mom and the kids were taken care of, I tore down to the corner saloon to tell Pop about the fire.

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Those early years of the century were a time of widespread racial and religious prejudice in America, but the last place to look for either then as now was show business. After we staggered back to the dressing room, Pop got my bull- dog pipe and smoking tobacco from my suit and slapped them on the table. Ignoring him, I would carefully sweep off the table, then ap- pear to see something that wasn’t there. I wish you were still around so that I could sit down and have a good chat with you.

I guess personally I would’ve liked more stories from the making of each of the various silent films he made, but I wonder if at that point he even remembered each as a separate entity, esp the two-reelers. Buster comes off a born entertainer who had acting keaaton his veins, so it’s no surprise his autobiography — even if he wasn’t usually the one actually When I saw Buster Keaton’s autobiography available as a free file from the Internet Archive, it received the honor of becoming the first work that I would read, in fits and starts, as a mobile e-book.

Picking up this imaginary object with my cupped hand, I examined it and then put it down on another part of the table.

My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton

Then, unable to stand any more dunning, he ap- proached Pop and said, “Mr. Groucho and Me Kindle Edition.


People may talk it up or talk it down, but my face has been a valuable trade-mark for me during my sixty years in show busi- ness.

My brother, Harry Stanley Keaton, better known as Jingles, was born when I was nine, my sister Louise two years later.

Published August 22nd by Da Capo Press first published Sitting on the stage, as ribald laughter erupted in the audience, I looked around and saw that the lady magician s hoop skirt had been thrown over her head, displaying her bottom which, even by the standards of that well-padded era, was enormous.

With all of that done Ed merely had to sit by a window and wait. Before long there were four Keatons.

Cohen and Bojangles Robinson and Al Jolson to Jack Paar and Ed Sullivan and Red Skelton, during his sixty years as a star in vaudeville, silent and talking pictures, night clubs and television. He mentions briefly his dalliance with alcohol during some rough times, but never really talks about what he did when on a bender, or how he recovered from his habit.

If you busteg seen any of his films the silents especiallydo it. It kept coiling, slapsstick at the end the basketball smashed him in the face, and he fell, battered and helpless, into the backdrop. Sep 25, James Perkins rated it liked it.

When darkness fell I was blotto. If they had they would have gone somewhere else with their shenanigans.