The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge is a 12 Week Bootcamp involving . online for free along with a wealth of other information and recipes. challengesweek challenges; training sessionstraining sessions; nutritions nutritions; support & accountabilitysupport & accountability; team environment team. Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge: 13 questions and 41 answers on They advertise free trials and then hope that people forgot and about it and never.

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I forgot about this thread! I got a copy of her eating plan off a friend who had done one of her challenges. Such an easy program to follow and the challenges have been amazing. Every time I looked into it I always missed the sign up or hines location near me was full. Just mention that this is an obvious scam and a simple Google search will review it. No concern was shown, I was brushed off from one manager to another. Lol change your credit card info Paula Villegas replied on Jul 15, There was no variations given for each exercise based on personal abilities.

V replied on Jan 12, She also has regular specials so jump on when it’s half price!

Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

Basically whatever you do can’t be a 2 week, 12 week or 6 month fad it has to be a long term change. Say goodbye to pastas, bread and any form of carbohydrate! The “certificate” Ashy has flashed in her marketing video, isn’t even real. A great opportunity to get fit weather you have had an athletic past or your first session since year 10 pe!

She steals recepices and photos from other sites and claims as her own.

Considering I have not gotten a further reply from their “support team” and all my comments on the Facebook page have been deleted and my ability to leave comments disabled I will vent my anger here too.


I never got a refund they apparently send all information via email regarding terms and conditions never got them so after weeks of waiting for a reply she finally sent me some which I couldn’t locate anywhere challebge the website and I never recieved receipts for payments or knowledge my account was debited! I contacted them via email to cancel it.

Bunes a review on Binrs. Unlikely, with that one, If i didn’t pick up on them taking money from my account this would still be going on.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Above the treadmills at my local fernwood is posters of women in bikinis with The get foxy message, the final straw was when I went to try a boxing class and they called it foxy box-A-cise. If you stick to a decent clean diet and exercise regularly for 12 weeks, of course you’re going to see results.

I would often see it posted on other websites that the content was plagiarised from experts and many of those accusations were backed up with evidence. It is when you stop meeting these needs or at least AI adequate intakeit can have damaging effects on your body. I started the clean eating plan last week and have lost weight and cm’s so far: When I signed up, I wasn’t expecting much.

Ashy Bines PDF Files (FREE) – Ashy Bines Exposed

I think it is basic and I really do have that plan to thank for changing my attitude towards food and eating. As I have paid in advance 25 Aug- Sep25 I request a refund for the days in advance of my cancellation request today, i.

Ashy Bines replied on Jul 22, Sarah gallagher replied on Sep 27, It’s no wonder none of the original girls are on there. I started the bootcamp challenge on Monday.

I am totally disgusted by how this company operates. I launch a dispute bihes my bank and got my money back. Mel G replied on Dec 01, Our trainer and the other girls have been the best support and for once I don’t want to give up, ill do anything to get back to where I was when I was dancing. I’m going to loosely follow her plan, there are some things I don’t agree with like not drinking milk You girls should check out Tone It Up as well.


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Most of the times she says just to search google for ideas qshy and google is free. This is such a frustrating aspect of Facebook. I was tipping the scales at an unhealthy and unhappy 96kg.

After reading through it, boy was I glad I didn’t waste all that money on it.

PrettyPrincess 14 Aug 1: If you would like to please email me your details at cait abbbc. I have still got a long way to go, BUT guess what I have started. Also i think with technology YouTube, I phone apps and the Internet there is wealth of information available or free. Ultimate Body Group Sessions- Great!

Lets do a run down of some of the flaws of the meal plan contents: Ultimate Body Misleading advertising and a reoccurring fee. Georgia McCarthy replied on Jul 18, Can those that HAVE purchased it tell me if there is any real difference in her advise to her eating plan than those of any other for example Tony Ferguson or other similar program’s? We would always recommend that you seek the advise of a medical professional who knows your unique situation before starting anything new.

A friend of mine had her comments deleted and was then blocked for making the same comment about spelling.