“In Stitches” by Dr. Anthony Youn is an award-winning, best-selling memoir about medical school. Rated a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in medicine. In Stitches has been chosen as a Michigan Notable Book! Publisher’s Weekly: In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic . Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of- water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon. Tony Youn grew .

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It was stihches good read, not a fav. Periodically, I receive unsolicited requests by publishers and media agencies to review books here on Digital Doorway. In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic surgeon at his transformation, letting readers in on a secret: I’m glad I didn’t know Dr. The patient has no clue why he or she is here. This is the memoir of a young plastic surgeon that people may know from ih Rachael Ray Show. Another reviewer des The vast majority of this book is awful.

You just can’t help pulling for Dr.

In Stitches by Anthony Youn

The section on plastic surgery on a child just about did me in. For anyone who has ever experienced the awkward teenage years or is ready for some escapist fun, In Stitches is one man’s heartfelt, candid, and laugh-out-loud funny, journey of finding his true calling in life–and learning to be comfortable in his own skin.


Youn is gifted in his writing style. The author’s father worked ferociously and became an obstetrician in the United States, insisting that his son also take up medicine. Apr 21, Bee rated it it was amazing. This may have been because he was bitter about not getting any action, but the implications of his discussions about dating unattractive women in an effort to have sex just rubbed me the wrong way and made me feel a bit indisposed towards him. This is a book about a man, a nerd, a compassionate friend and most importantly, a doctor.

One of two Asian American kids in a small midwestern town, stitchess was tall and thin with Coke bottle glasses, Hannibal Lecter headgear, a bowl cut, and a protruding jaw that grew even faster than his comic book collection.

In Stitches

Way to goTony. Unfortunately, Youn spends dozens of pages reminiscing over his sexual failures and inadequacies in the world of dating and women, and we are treated to multiple stories of the exploitsor lack thereofof Youn and his adolescent and college-aged friends.

I could relate a lot to Tony. Books by Anthony Youn. During those years of anthny, his obsessions seemed to be split equally between his studies and his desire to find a girl who would stick around long enough for a second date or even make it to the end of the first one. This one is about a now famous plastic surgeon.

Reviews for In Stitches

Jul 06, Stacey Crossman rated it it was amazing. This book made me laugh out loud and cry so hard!


Jul 17, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? In a world where physicians can be almost god-like, Dr.

I laughed and cried. I learned some things about Med School, too. I am in awe of these people.

What are we, twelve? Despite his father forcing Tony into a medical career, he wants what his son to be happy.

He swings between humorous tales and genuinely touching stories with ease, and you will find yourself amazed that anyone can survive it all. The vast majority of this book is awful. Grier sits on a chair in front of my desk, her hands folded oyun her lap. Didn’t really enjoy the youh until chapter six In summary, the main character is a first generation immigrant from Korea. Heartwarming and laugh out loud funny, In Stitches is a universal coming of age story about a kid who found the best in himself by bringing out the best in others and finally learned to be comfortable in his own skin.

I’m stithces much of a memoir person, but I found this book engaging and fun to read. Lists with This Book.