Albizia versicolor tree in Pretoria National Botanical Garden Species: Albizia versicolor. Name[edit]. Albizia versicolor Welw. ex Oliv. Albizia versicolor is planted as an ornamental shade tree. Root and bark decoctions are used as an anthelmintic and purgative, and to treat swollen glands and. BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Albizia versicolor is a deciduous tree up to 20 m tall with a spreading rounded to flat crown. Bark on young branches covered with.

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It causes a disease known as albiziosis. It needs well-drained soil to reach its full potential as a beautiful shade or specimen tree for the larger garden. The wood does not hold nails well, and pre-boring is required. It dries slowly with little degrade, but surface checking evrsicolor in excessively cross-grained pieces. Check-list of ornamental plants used in Rhodesian parks and gardens. It is used medicinally and the much sought after wood, is similar to Kiaat.

Views Read Vesicolor View history. The taxonomic history of A.

Albizia versicolor

Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany. Medium to large deciduous tree, often with a spreading crown.

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Albizia versicolor – Useful Tropical Plants

Planted trees can be managed by lopping and pollarding. A list of Rhodesian Legumes.

Albizia versicolor Triterpenes of Albizia versicolor Seeds are preferably sown in seedling trays filled with a mixture of river sand and compost 4: Briza Publications, Pretoria, South Africa. Flowers bisexual, regular, 5-merous, white to greenish yellow; pedicel up to 2 mm long; calyx 4. It bears large half-spherical, puffball flowers that appear from October to December with the new leaves. Albizia versicolor Albizia versicolor Being one of the most widespread and common species of Albizia worldwide, it is often simply called albizoathough this name may refer to any locally common member of the genus.

The commercial timbers of Tanzania. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 67 4: Agroforestry extension manual for northern Zambia. English names for it include lebbecklebbek treeflea treefrywoodkoko and woman’s tongue tree.

Albizia versicolor Albizia versicolor: Leaves with pairs vesricolor pinnae; leaflets in pairs per pinna, large, c. The pod valves with seeds still attached are spread by wind.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Albizia versicolor

Albizia versicolor occurs in deciduous woodland and wooded grassland up to m altitude. George Bentham placed the species in its present genusbut other authors believed that the plant described by Linnaeus was the related Albizia kalkora as described by Prain based on the Albizi kalkora of William Roxburghand erroneously referred to this species as Albizia lebbeck.


There are 95 citation in scholarly articles related to Albizia versicolor Welw. Seeds on the ground are often infested by insects. Albizia versicolor Fabaceae Albizia julibrissin x 80 – 4k – thb The grain is wavy or interlocked, texture coarse. Albizia versicolor [edit] P x – 75k – png en. Flowers in large, fluffy, semi-spherical heads, creamy-white, appearing with the young leaves; stamens up to 7 cm. Click on “show more” to view them.

They can be stored for long periods when kept under dry and insect-free conditions. Kirkia 8 2 Page The heartwood is resistant to impregnation by preservatives, the sapwood is permeable. Fast GrowingEvergreen or Deciduous: It prefers well-drained soils with a high water table. Albizia versicolor fruiting branch obtained from Zimbabweflora. Pods are poisonous to cattle and sheep.

Description Albizia versicolor is a fairly hardy, large, in warm areasbeautifully shaped, deciduous tree. Albizia versicolor is planted as an ornamental shade tree. Beautiful shaped specimen tree for a larger garden. BushveldDrought Hardiness: