instruction booklet or visit the Electronic Services web site. Visit our web site for .. your Form. Return. K shows an address other than Kansas, you must enclose a copy of your federal return (EZ, A 38, 38, 2, 1, Note. This booklet does not contain any tax forms. EZ. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. IRS Instructions. With. Note: This booklet does not contain any tax forms. . file Form EZ will vary depending on individual circumstances. The Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana , .. 2, 13, 4, 10, 7, 13, 2, 2,

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The first cost study, conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton in Marchindicated TeleFile returns were more costly to process than returns filed on paper or electronically.

Account contains codes indicating a miscellaneous change of entity or the issuance of a tax delinquent account due to noncompliance conditions. The participation rate was 18 percent 4.

For example, errors in the methodology and data the IRS used to compute and compare the cost-per-return for each of its three processing methods paper, electronic, and TeleFile may have overstated the differences among the processing methods.

Please contact gorm at if you have questions or Michael E. Reviewed a sample of taxpayers who had filed their Calendar Year [27] tax returns using TeleFile to determine how former TeleFile users filed their tax returns for and how many taxpayers went bpoklet no-cost returns to incurring costs to file their returns.

It based the decision to eliminate the TeleFile Program on cost studies conducted between and Office of the Commissioner — Attn: Individual Income Tax Returns Form We performed research and made site visits to four States [17] to learn more about their telefile programs. We selected a statistical sample of taxpayers who had used the TeleFile Program in and filed a tax return in to determine how these taxpayers filed their returns after the TeleFile Program was discontinued. The Research project also reported that: The overall objective of this review was kaansas determine boojlet impact of the elimination of the TeleFile Program on electronic filing.


We used the eligibility requirements in the TeleFile tax 10440ez and the criteria to eliminate from the population taxpayers that would have been ineligible to use TeleFile. Next, we determined the total cost that tad incurred to file using each of the three methods. The taxpayer could have filed using a paid preparer, filed online using software, or used software to prepare a paper return.

Most State telefile programs were discontinued after the IRS decision. Starting with TYKanwas tax packages were no longer mailed to taxpayers who had received a TeleFile tax package the prior 2 years and did not use TeleFile.

Individual Income Tax Forms

A detailed timeline is included in Appendix VII. Filing from home began with the U. Computation of estimate for amount paid by taxpayers who used a paid preparer. Direct debit for the TeleFile Program was established. According to the Federation of Tax Administrators, [20] the elimination of the Federal TeleFile Program had a pronounced effect on the State telefile programs, suggesting that taxpayers did not differentiate well between Federal and State telefile programs.

Errors on tax returns increase the burden on taxpayers, who have to respond to error notices, and the IRS, which has to resolve the errors. The growth in these other methods likely contributed to overcoming both the elimination of TeleFile and the unexpected decrease in Free File.

The IRS collected annual operating cost data in addition to the cost-per-return studies. Correcting the errors may not necessarily show that processing returns using TeleFile was more cost efficient than the other filing methods, but it would likely reduce the difference among the three filing options to a point where those cost differences no longer justified eliminating the TeleFile Program when the IRS did.

Taxpayers responded that the worst thing about TeleFile was not getting a TeleFile tax package when you wanted to use it. Approximately 48 percent of former TeleFile users filed a paper return in The IRS estimated this initiative reduced the number of eligible taxpayers by more than 3 million and caused participation to decline by approximatelyreturns that year.


Recognizing this, our projections are based on the assumption that 90 percent of the taxpayers who filed their tax returns online paid for the software and a filing fee. We have indications that, if corrected, the differences among the processing methods may not have justified eliminating the TeleFile Program when the IRS did.

Visited three public libraries of varying size and location in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area to determine what taxpayers would have to do to file their tax returns from a public library.

However, when we corrected the estimate, the break-even point for all TeleFile forms, including Forms andfell from 10 million to 5. Taxpayers continually rated the TeleFile Program very high.

This was the highest satisfaction rating among all of the electronic filing options. We determined in 80 20 percent of the cases the taxpayer would have been eligible to use TeleFile and incurred some cost to file their returns.

Eliminating TeleFile Increased the Cost and Burden of Filing a Tax Return for Many Taxpayers

The Form EZ was not updated to allow taxpayers to claim this exclusion; therefore, taxpayers claiming the exclusion were not eligible to use the TeleFile Program. We estimatetaxpayers went from filing for free to paying to file their tax returns.

My refund Problem filing my taxes online Problem making an online payment My current year or amended tax return Copy of prior-year tax documents See all contact options.

The participation rate was 25 percent 4. March – IRS study indicated the main reason taxpayers chose to TeleFile was the simplicity of filing via the telephone.

The ETAAC believed possible explanations for the decline included a shift to computer filings and the effect of new tax credits education this year. Inapproximately 3. Calendar Year Tax Systems Modernization began. The growth rate of electronic filing was expected to slow as the percentage of electronically filed returns increased.

Cost studies were inaccurate and incomplete.

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