POLSKI BEZOKOLICZNIK PAST TENSE PAST PARTICIPLE być be was / were been bić beat beat beaten stawać się become became become zaczyna. INFINITIVE. PAST TENSE. PAST PARTICIPLE. ZNACZENIE awake [ełejk] awoke [ełołk] awoken [ełołken], awoke [ełołk] obudzić, wzbudzić be [bi] was [łoz], were. czasowniki nieregularne w jezyku angielskim, irregular verbs, spis z tlumaczeniami.

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How much did your car cost? You need to learn to live with them. I can’t find my mobile phone. Could you hold it for a moment? I can’t bear it.

We’ll bring some crisps. Sue drove to Miami last weekend. The girl hid the doll in the garden. Hair grows 1 cm angiellski month. Every day I catch the bus to work.

I always buy bread in this bakery. I never meant to hurt you.

Have you ever eaten frogs? Sue can draw well. He flew the package yesterday. What do you do in your free time? I won’t lend you anything else. I was a very good student at school.


What time do you leave for school? I’ve only nierregularne begun. I’ve burnt the toast. Mary and I became good friends.

“to study” – odmiana czasownika – angielski

I fell when I was dancing at the party last night. Water freezes into ice. Tom bites his nails. The house Tom built is wonderful.

Czasowniki nieregularne angielski

This ring is beautiful, it must have cost a fortune! I drink a coffee every morning.

I began nieregulaene panic. Have you heard the latest news? May I keep angislski I drive to work. Ken beat me at chess yesterday. He usually flies business class. I left the building an hour ago. I broke my arm during football match yesterday. I can’t bear the pain anymore. I found a stain on my shirt. Tom blew his nose. Her parents don’t let her play with other children.

I’ve forgotten where I put my book. The boy had always learned quickly. The balloon will burst.

This picture has been hanging here for ages! Have you ever been to Rome? Angielsko held the wallet tight in my hand. She couldn’t read when she was three. I will get you your book next time. I dream about holiday. In autumn leaves fall from the trees. Can you hear me?


I saw a lot of jieregularne dresses yesterday and I chose the red one. I did my homework an hour ago. You can hang your coat on the hook beside the door. She never forgets about friends’ birthday. I had a flu last weekn. Perhaps we should forbid them.