View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: User Guide. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. Celestron C5+ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Celestron C5+ Instruction Manual. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. Brand: Celestron | Category.

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The upshot was that it cost Celestron more to manufacture the C5 than the C8, even though they couldn’t actually charge more for it.

Celestron C5 Instruction Manual

As the name implies, this telescope, like other recent editions, included the StarBright XLT coatings. Installing the Finderscope The C5 spotting scope come standard with a terrestrial erect image 8×20 finder.

Installing The Finderscope Attaching the eyepiece directly to the C5 rear cell.

While the C5 spotting scope requires lit t l e mainten ance, there a re a few t h ings to. The answer, in a word, is portability. Although this halved “fork” led to rumors of greatly compromised stability, in practice its damping time was not significantly longer than that of its predecessor. This manual explains the proper use of your Celestron C5 spotting scope celfstron initial How to use this Manual set up to on-going use.

A map of the night sky, oriented by month and day, rotates within a depiction of the 24 hours of the day, to display exactly which stars and planets will be visible at any given time. Care And Maintenance To check the collimation of your C5 you will need a light source.

Not having to spend even 10 or 15 minutes to set up and tear down makes a big difference. First, nighttime skies had brightened considerably, mnual to the increased use of poorly designed light fixtures, especially around the mini-malls that had seemingly sprouted out of the ground in urban areas.

So why buy a smaller scope for the same amount of money?

The Unofficial C5+ Home Page

Then, in Decemberafter a hiatus of 7 years, Celestron suddenly reintroduced the C5. It’s short and squat and waddly, and dressed in black and white. The most immediately obvious difference was the clean white tube that graced the new telescope. The higher eclestron meant a smaller profit margin, and when demand for telescopes burgeoned in the years before the return of Comet Halley, Celestron decided to drop the C5, inin order to concentrate on production of the C8.

  ASTM D5207 PDF

Page 17 The Celestron Planisphere makes it easy to locate stars for observing and is a great planet finder as well.

To attach the C5 to a photographic tripod: Getting Started see figure Also, it had a more robust 6×30 finder, rather than the spindly 5×24 of the Classic, and enhanced coatings on its optics. This made a portable scope attractive in in a way that it wasn’t in To be sure, not all of the objects in the database were actually visible through the N5 from most sites, but Meade had forced Celestron’s hand somewhat with the ETX’s own oversized database. Celestron had designed the C5 by essentially photo-reducing the C8 blueprints, down to using a scale version of the C8’s dual axis, AC-powered spur-gear drive.

The N5 continued, along with the steadfast C5 spotter, untilwhen it was discontinued, only to be replaced by the Nexstar 5i which came out with the Nexstar 8i. The first covers attaching your spotting scope to a stable platform, like a photographic tripod, manuxl that the standard accessories can be attached. Aligning The Finderscope Aligning the Finder The Celestron C5 comes with a 8x20mm finder that helps in aiming at distant objects that are hard to find in the narrow field of the spotting scope.

To properly expose your subjects photographically, you need to set your shutter speed accordingly. Plus it has a tendency to believe it can see things it plainly can’t. The C5, moreover, was viewed as a second scope rather than a beginner’s scope; the Cwlestron outsold the C5 by about a three-to-one margin.

Wh e n using a. The hand controller was also upgraded to make object selection somewhat more intelligent—no more would the telescope slew to objects below the local horizon. This manual is broken down into several sections. The tube itself weighs about 7 pounds 3 kg ; the drive and mount about celestrin pounds 4 kgand the wedge another 7 pounds 3 kg.


Like the G5, however, these models were fated to a short lifetime, and Celestron discontinued them in C5 and better familiarize yourself with its operation. Sp ec i al care sho uld be taken when cleaning a n y instru m en t so as not t o. Calculating Magnification The general rule is that 60 power can be used for every inch of aperture. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Used with any eyepiece, it doubles the magnification of that eyepiece. If the star moves too rapidly through the field of view of the spotting scope, use Polaris.

The price dropped somewhat to compensate. The new C5 came in three flavors. A bright star high in the sky is ideal since there is a minimal amount of atmospheric distortion. You r Cele stron C5 can be us ed for bo th terrestrial and astro nomical.

As a condition to the obligation of CI to repair or replace such product, the product must celestronn returned to CI together with proof-of-purchase satisfactory to The Proper Return Authorization Number must be obtained from CI in advance of return.

Celestron C5+ Manuals

To check the collimation of your C5 you will need a light source. Don’t show me this message again. Celestron advanced series telescope instruction manual gt c8-n, c8-ngt, cn 71 pages.

Also, the twin-arm fork had been replaced by a one-armed mount that reduced its weight even further.

Before you can use your C5 to look at anything it must first be attached to a cdlestron mount. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I’d been thinking about doing this page anyway, and the scarcity made a convenient excuse. All in all, a pretty appropriate nickname.