Carlo Domeniconi. Variations on an Anatolian Folksong, for guitar. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. Variations () On An Anatolian Folk Song – Nova Theme?? Carlo domeniconi variations on an anatolian HISTORIC OF KOYUNBABA. The Anatolian Variations is one of Carlo Domeniconi’s most prominent works for solo guitar. Influenced from Turkish folk music and culture.

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Another of his works celebrated in Germany is drawn from both Turkish and German popular and folk music and is called Concerto di Berlinbul Streams Videos All Posts. Introspection Late Night Partying.

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Variations on an Anatolian Folksong, for guitar

Back in Germany, he has been close to the large population of immigrant Turkish workers, which have heartily received his works mixing Turkish and Western qualities.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. This eight-minute work varixtions a charming and melodic work based on a folk song from Anatolia, the large peninsula between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean that constitutes the Asian part of Turkey.


He went on to study in West Berlin. Genre Chamber Music Classical.

Carlo Domeniconi – Variations on Anatolian Folksong – Free Download PDF

These works include his Double Concerto for Baglama, Guitar, and Orchestra, which not only uses, as the title denotes, Turkish and a Western instruments as soloists but incorporates Turkish classical musical theory and forms within the Western sonata-allegro form. In the end it is a work that charms the audience while demonstrating aspects of similarity and dissimilarity between the Western and Turkish musical cultures.

The work is in the established form of Western variation music, with the theme stated and then given various treatments by the guitar. This highly attractive guitar solo work is among the best-known compositions by Carlo Domeniconi b.

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The name of the song is “Uzun ince bir yoldayim” I am anatplian down a long narrow path. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. In particular, he taught guitar at the State Conservatory in Istanbul, Turkey, which was where he gained knowledge of local folk and traditional Turkish classical music.

Intriguingly, the theme itself is not particularly exotic. But part of this impression is due to the fact that Domeniconi presents the tune in a form we might call “as written,” that is, without ornamentations and inflections that would probably be added in a singer’s interpretation. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.


Carlo Domeniconi – Variations on Anatolian Folksong

Domeniconi was born in the town of Cesena, Italy, and studied at the Pesaro Conservatory, where he earned his diploma at the age of Domeniconi considers the song a fine representative of a strain in contemporary Turkish folk music analogous to the blues. He is the composer of at least 14 concertos variatione one or more guitars and orchestra. Jazz Latin New Age. Then Domeniconi goes on to introduce such ornamentations, meanwhile also adding, in some variations, dance rhythms.

He took an interest in the musical systems of various cultures where instruments of the lute-guitar family are important, including South American, Middle Eastern, and East Asian classical and folk music.

It has a few scale inflections that the average Western listener would associate with “Eastern” music.

He learned it from Asik Veysel, a popular blind Turkish folk singer.