INSTALLATION MANUAL. KLN 90B. GPS RNAV. MANUAL NUMBER REVISION 5 April, COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR THE KLN 90B GPS RNAV. *- pages revised in latest version. Page LEP F-Foldout pages Print. View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B installation manual online. GPS RNAV. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download.

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KNEW order first waypoint becomes last and last waypoint 2: The database may also be updated by removing the obsolete cartridge and replacing it with a current one.

Change the track heading of the aircraft so that the actual track does intercept the DME arc and try again. Letters, numbers, hyphens, and spaces may be used in the remark. Confirm the 5 volts at the RF signal from the antenna end. Page 55 means of interfacing the KLN 90B with mznual computer via an interface cable.

A page with the identifier at the top and dashes at the bottom will now be dis- played figure The altimeter baro setting may be changed at a later time from inches to millibars or vice versa on the SET 7 page.

Honeywell KLN 90B Installation Manual

Don’t have an account? The following rules and considerations apply for flight plan operation while the KLN 90B is in the Leg mode: You will now see what information may be displayed for each of the waypoint types airport, VOR, NDB, intersec- tion, and supplemental.


Page 60 The last surprise for this page is that it is possible for you to change the active waypoint to any of the flight plan waypoints without having to leave this very useful page. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Page – Example Approach: The eight page types for the left side are the following: You can also calculate an estimate of the fuel required to the selected waypoint. Coax open or shorted. Airports which have APR Using The Take-home Mode 5. The KLN 90B needs to have the correct time, date, and position to be able to determine which manuak should be in view.


Page of Go. A remark may contain up to three lines of eleven characters each. The waypoints making up the flight 2: If a mistake was made and you do not wish to delete this waypoint, press.

Press the ALT but- ton to update the baro informantion for proper integrity monitoring. Antenna Mechanical Installation 900b.

If desired track approach procedure, press D to bring up the direct-to DTK is shown on the screen, this value will flash when page. Press the left C to bring the cursor on the page over WPT: If any of these parameters are not correct then the GPS receiver manua the KLN 90B will automatically enter a mode in which it can determine this information.

If lln are operating from a flight plan, the easiest way to get to the approach information is by turning to the ACT page for your destination as described in section 4.


Use the left inner and outer knobs as before to enter P. With the cursor over AQN4 figurepress E. The Super NAV 5 page provides you with a true moving map display of your present position and route of flight in relation to nearby navaids and airports. To view the nearest airports: SJI position the cursor over the desired waypoint figure 4- 4: The cursor function, klh is controlled by the left and right C cursor buttons, is not used in selecting pages and the C buttons should not be pressed at this time.

The alert tone is provided in the same way as described in section 3. In this chapter you will learn to other features that you may find very beneficial and con- use many of the supplementary features of the KLN venient to use in your flying.

The Calculator 6 Page cal 6 5. The mag- netic variation may mannual manually entered or, if one is not entered, one will automatically be calculated and stored. Rotate the right inner knob to select the first character of the desired identifier. This information is stored in the battery backed memory of the KLN 90B so it is not normally required to update it.