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Buy IEC Ed. Sound level meters from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering A sound level meter is used for acoustic measurements. It is commonly a hand- held instrument .. Both of these were replaced by IEC , later renamed IEC , while the linear integrating meters were initially described by IEC , later.

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Octave-band and Fractional-octave-band Filters Defines the performance for both analogue and digital octave band filters. Grades in order of accuracy: Also required for measuring the acoustics in buildings is a signal generator that provides pink or white noise through an amplifier and omnidirectional speakers.

A Type 2 meter is the minimum requirement by OSHA for noise measurements and is usually sufficient for general purpose noise surveys. This movement of the diaphragm, i. That is the equivalent value or average of iiec energy over the entire graph.

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Using this information, the instrument is able to accurately convert the electrical signal back to a sound pressure, and display the resulting sound pressure level decibels dB SPL.

Instead, the time-averaged value is used. In following a UK research grant an EU patent was issued for the first of a range of devices that were so small that they resembled a radiation badge and no cable was needed as the whole unit could be fitted near the ear. The classic exponential meter was originally described in IEC for ‘industrial’ meters followed by IEC for ‘precision’ meters.

Labels used to describe sound and noise level values are defined in the IEC Standard This is known as the microphone sensitivity. Each segments affects sound meters in slightly different ways and together they detail the performance requirements and testing methods of instruments claiming to conform to the standard. Centers for Disease Control. These can often also be powered using solar power.


Today almost all fixed airport noise monitoring systems, which are in concept just complex sound level meters, use short L eq as their metric, as a steady stream of the digital one second L eq values can be transmitted via telephone lines or the Internet to a central display and processing unit.

Evaluation of compliance with international sound level meter standards”. The output of the generator is fed to a transducer in a half-inch cavity into which the sound level meter microphone is inserted. It also permits data to be jec from one metric to another in some cases.

Some manufacturers offer permanent and semi-permanent 606551 monitoring stations for this purpose. These ‘withdrawn’ standards should no longer be used, especially for any official purchasing requirements, as they have significantly poorer accuracy requirements than IEC 606551 Department of Defense. Hearing protection devices HPD could also require higher volume levels for communication, negating their purpose.

This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. The second letter indicates the frequency weighting. Until there were separate standards for exponential and linear integrating sound level meters, but since 66051 IEC has described both types. Instruments are available that measure 1 or all three types of measurement In addition to the type of meter, the standard also lists two performance categories Class 1 and Class 2.

Sound Level Meter Standards

Very similar to IEC These devices had several issues, mainly the reliability of the cable and the disturbance to the user’s normal work mode, caused by the presence of the cable.

With hearing protection on, a soldier is less likely to be aware of his or her movements, alerting the enemy to their presence. The ubiquity of smartphonestheir constant network connectivity, the built-in geographic information system functionality and user-interactivity features present a great opportunity to revolutionize the way we look at noise, its measurement, and its effects on hearing and overall health.


The diaphragm of the microphone responds to changes in air pressure caused by sound waves. However, for mainly historical reasons, L AT is commonly referred to as L eq. Electroacoustics – Sound Calibrators Defines the performance and accuracy of sound level calibrators.

For labels, the first letter is always an L. F may be more suitable where the signal is less impulsive.

The IEC specifies “three kinds of sound measuring instruments”. A Fast measurement green line is quicker to react. Advances towards the assessment of hearing damage”.

In order to get accurate and repeatable measurements, it is essential that a sound level meter meets the relevant standards. While applying double hearing protection helps prevent auditory damage, it may compromise effectiveness by isolating the user from his or her environment. This applies to both the sound level meter itself as well as the associated calibrator.

Sound Meter Standards – A Quick Guide – ATP Instrumentation Ltd

This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat To calibrate the sound level meter apps one must use an acoustical calibrator rather than relying on the ic profiles.

Both IEC and included four accuracy classes, called “types”. We aim to keep this information as up-to-date as possible so if you find any information inaccurate please contact our development team on media atp-instruments.

Some 600651 require the ability to monitor noise continuously on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Healthy Hearing [29]an organization dedicated to hearing health, reported on the top smartphone sound level meter apps [30]: