This explosively entertaining memoir abounds in gossip, satire, historical apercus , and trenchant observations. Vidal’s compelling narrative. Vidal’s account of his first 39 years includes his reminiscences of a host of prominent Gore Vidal, Author Penguin Books $20 (p) ISBN Aside from being an essayist, novelist and screenwriter, Gore Vidal in his memoir Palimpsest that he was “attracted to adolescent males”.

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Show 25 25 50 All. Interviews with Jon Wiener. Along the way, it is the thread of Ariadne in the narrative.

He is a master manipulator of words and stories and Bobby Kennedy and Truman Capote especially find themselves targets. Aug 06, Sam rated it really liked it. To get the beastliness out of the way first, then. Death, summer, youth — this triad contrives to haunt me every day of my life for it was in summer that my generation left school for war, and several dozen that one knew but strictly speaking, did not love, except perhaps for one were killed, and so never lived to know what I have known — the Beatles, black power, the Administration of Richard Nixon — all this has taken place in a trivial after-time and has nothing to do with anything that really mattered, with summer and someone hardly remembered, a youth so abruptly translated from vivid, well-loved if briefly flesh to a few scraps of bone and cartilage scattered among the volcanic rocks of Iwo Jima.

Something amusing and — I think — Italian….

I’ve read it several times due to the layering technique that Vidal uses. The many anecdotes relayed in this memoir cidal amusing enough, I guess, and if it was Vidal’s mission to make his life seem decadent and glamorous he surely succeeded.

They’re entertaining as hell, but more listening to a gossipy friend talking than, say, actual history think Nancy Mitford’s “biographies”, but with more spite. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Palimpsest: A Memoir by Gore Vidal – Books – Hachette Australia

He says that his one great love died when he was young and he was unable to really love again. Published to celebrate his 70th birthday, the memoirs of the American writer, from his childhood as the grandson of a blind southern senator, through to the establishment of his literary career in Highly enjoyable – in terms of prose as well as details and secrets.


On the other hand, Vidal Senior and the Gore grandparents are portrayed with genuine affection and gratitude; as indeed are palimpest other people in spite of the tone of worldly sang-froid in itself simply an expression of a distaste for emotional excess, rather pzlimpsest after the mother.

This book was okay.


Even the most famous A-listers Garbo, the Kennedys, Tennessee Williams are used as props for Vidal’s wit, their worst traits and moments dissected for Vidal’s pleasure. As the title suggests, he jumps backwards and forwards in time, sometimes writing over what he has already written, and somet I’m not quite sure why I took this book out of the library.

GV was renowned a Memoir of the American author.

One is propelled along by the memoirs and his current ruminating on writing his memoirs which he does along the way. Grace Kelly at the time vore her marriage is fat and rapidly ageing, willing to play princess on a rock above a casino to escape the fate of Loretta Young and Joan Crawford – that of an palimpseet old actress in the makeup chair before everyone else.

Vidal has a way of ending paragraphs and large sections eloquently and with a rueful but not overly wistful touch the final chapter is perfect. Buckley on a sixties talking head show in a game of wordsmanship.

Aug 30, Bryant rated it liked it. Senhor vore um estilo exuberante, multifacetado e sempre surpreendente, publicou, ema autobiografia Palimpsest: Another thing was equally certain, that as soon as he was safely dead a whole flock of carrion crows and a swarm of biliously-disposed serpents would have a field day.

Christopher Hitchens reviews ‘Palimpsest’ by Gore Vidal · LRB 19 October

His insights into his life and the philosophies he developed are fascinating as well and it definitely will remain one of my vidao books, as well as a favorite autobiography.

The metaphor of a palimpsest for writing a memoir is an ingenious one, and there are scraps of Gore Vidal’s well-textured parchment that are genuinely fascinating. Palimpsest fills in the blanks. The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook: Vidal and Jackie Kennedy Onassis shared a common stepfather, whom both of their mothers had married for his money.

Gofe best parts of this book, especially the touching descriptions of Vidal’s one true love who died young at Iwo Jima, are unfortunately too sparse to hold the vidap together. Ever nasty, ever self-obsessed, ever the worst qualities of all those he loathes, Gore Vidal was made to write a memoir. Return to Book Page.


Jan 08, John rated it it was ok. This book will be enjoyed by everyone, especially those palim;sest enjoy Paul Newman’s salad dressing. Books by Gore Vidal. A couple of years ago, Vidal dropped another hint in an article looking back on the Pacific War. The quality in common was a very finely-tuned ear, as acutely sensitive to the just-audible poetry of mundane words as it was in picking up the false notes of maudlin sentimentality and insincerity.

Very good on his early love Jimmie Trimble and his grandfather the Senator.


Number 2 in series. In the quoted words of J. Since he moved in a world where homosexuality was not the lynching offence it was to the lower orders in the 40she was able to enjoy full sexual freedom and promiscuity, despite the predictable condemnation of The City and the Pillar that forced him to work for a decade in theatre, film and TV, where he made enough to become the leisurely aesthete he aimed to be i. He chooses to “let the palimosest pass unto” another candidate, who promptly wins it by a landslide – thanks to Vidal, of course.

Written in the sumptuously arch manner familiar to anyone who has seen a Vidal clip on YouTube, the memoir establishes a warm if prickly tone, and treats the reader as an intelligent confidant e for the duration. Step-brother to Jackie Kennedy Onassis nee Bouvier and palimpsrst sister Caroline Lee, and generally very well-connected from an early age, Vidal is nevertheless at pains to observe throughout the book goree the essential choice he made was never to let his possible privileges make him passive.

His gossip is wonderful and woe to those who fell out with him. That he chose truth over conformity, and the commercial success that comes with it, was a defining moment. Using this website means you are okay with this but you can find out more and learn how to manage your cookie choices here. Sep 25, Rock rated it it was amazing. Rarely, if ever, mentioned. Loading comments… Trouble loading?