Felitsa – Yanni – free sheet music for atmosphere, crystal piano, grand piano, brass section, cello, english horn and violin. Learn this song on Jellynote with our . Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Yanni Felitsa Sheet Music, Author: KristinaKeenan, Name: Yanni. Free Felitsa piano sheet music is provided for you. Felitsa is composed and produced by Yanni, a Greek pianist, keyboardist, composer, and music producer.

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I always wanted to learn piano.

I was able to play Pedro’s part on my flute in 2 or 3 of the Ethnicity songs yyanni I was really into it once, but you could never ask me to do it again LOL. What instrument do you play? Personally, I have the sheet music for In My Time piano solos, that helps a lot too since yanni has a unique style, however, the songs that I found to be the easiest are: One of my teachers had a music group and after an audition of ;artitura and playing the quena I became part of the band.

Hi Warriorfan, If you are just beginning to play piano, I would hold feliitsa on this book although to purchase it and hang onto it would be good cerebral exercise until you are ready. If you feel it, it will just flow out naturally. Are you from South America? If you purchase the book, check out “Felitsa”, treble clef- right hand. Playing the yqnni is one thing but bringing in the dynamics and emotion is quite another and if you try the music too soon, you may not be satisfied with what you hear and get frustrated.

Felitsa-Yanni Free Piano Sheet Music & Piano Chords

The first time I heard it I understood the melancholic and sweetness of the quena’s sound. In the morning light, before I go, and To take, to hold Rhythm is pretty tricky but you can figure it out. Discussion Poll Photo Album. Active Topics in this Category. Discussion Poll Photo Album. Can’t approach his music from a technical standpoint, it’s too complex.


I’m kind of like an intermediate level pianist, so I know how you feel, you wanna learn all of them felitza once but you got to be patient. I decided instead to stick to the piano, since I play at church, I practice that instead.

Misahaco, yes I am from Paryitura America most precisely from Argentina. One of this days I am going to get help and try to learn.

Felitsa-Yanni Stave Preview 1

Dear Yanni Fan 2. There is a very yanhi bio of Yanni at the beginning of the book. It is a beauty! Evelyn Martinez Yanni Fan.


Your partitua is being processed So, you play the piano? Well, I am getting too melancholic right now because in this precise moment I am listening to Tibute and Pedro is playing the duduke. I just play the quena and play, among other songs, “Romance the viento y quena,” Romance of wind and quena “El condor pasa,” “Viva Jujuy,” “El escondido,” some carnavalitos pzrtitura some gatitos. Ignored post by Marmac posted April 21, Ignored post by deby posted August 09, Mishaco I have post a new topic in Yanni’s main forum, it is called “photos for Yanni” I invite you to share some pictures with the members and specially with Yanni, well you can share not only pictures but also post some thoughts if you want.

Seriously, they are very tricky. I wish I can go some day to Peru, my quena is from there, a friend of mine went to the Machu Pichu and she purchased it for me. The music in this one is astonishing and I highly recommend to anyone.


Felitsa free sheet music

In My time sheet music Tweet. I know it is never fekitsa when you want to learn how to play an instrument. I’m thinking about getting it but I am just about to start on the piano, my main instrument is Bass Clarinet but I rarely touch a piano, maybe I should wait?

I was introduce to the quena in when I was in music school. Don’t rush, good luck and have fun! I kind of regret that now. We adopted them and became part of our heritage. I had the chance to learn the charango but I did not what a silly!

It is a love story. Felitsa is beautiful on any instrument and one of the easier keys. What other songs can you play in the quena? Just playing a feoitsa of the notes will get you motivated to try more because you already love the music.

In My time sheet music. Ignored ysnni by Hawk posted April 11, My Dear enjoy it most of all,don’t struggle with it. You too can be a Yanni-like pianist. I’m actually from Peru same country as Ramon Stagnaro, Yanni’s guitarrist in the Tribute videoand well I was learning how to play the quena when I was little.

You need to upgrade to Yanni Fan 4. Although I am not in the music business now I wish I try to practice the most I can. Maybe one day I will learn and the first piece I want to learn is One man’s dream,I partifura it! Ignored post by Evelyn Martinez posted April 11, I want to know the level.