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DIN Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths – Part 1: General requirements. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. DIN Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths – Part 2: Combinations of process with fixed bed filters and precoat filters. This standard, in conjunction with DIN , applies to the treatment of water of swimming pools and baths by process combinations using ozonation.

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The subsequent parts of the new specification Part 2 to Part n concern the demands to be made on individual combinations of processes; these can be supplemented at any time in accordance with technical progress without requiring revision of the entire standards specification.

Technically speaking, the new features concern the automatic measurement of the auxiliary parameters of hygiene such as redox potential, pH value and free chlorine, automatic control of disinfectant additions, automatic filter rinsing with fluidization of the filter-bed to a prescribed minimum bed expansion, and the sight-glas at the filter container.

To enable adaptation of the standards specification to future developments, a Part I of the specification is being created comprising the demands to be made on the quality of the water and general demands on the construction and operation of swimming pools and tubs and basins in bath houses, e. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. This standard is not included in any packages. German Standards Specification DIN 19, is at present under revision for health reasons and because of both negative and positive experiences gathered in practice.


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[Update of DIN 19.643–treatment and disinfection of swimming pool and bathing tub water].

For this purpose, water quality, dimensioning, operating and control requirements are specified. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored.

Part 1 applies for the treatment of water, including sea water, mineral water, medicinal water, brine including artificial brine and 1963 water in swimming pools and bathing facilities. To this end, requirements are specified for the water quality, water treatment and the construction, operation and monitoring of bathing facilities. The aim of this document is to ensure good, dib quality of pool water with regard to hygiene, safety and aesthetics so there are no concerns regarding damage to human health, especially by pathogens.

Need more than one copy? Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts. We have no document history for this standard. Essential innovations are the reformulation of the required efficiency of disinfection, the introduction of the parameters Legionella pneumophila, trihalogen methane THM and the reduction of the limit value for chloramines.

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DIN 19643-2

The purpose of this document is to ensure a consistently high quality of bath or pool water in terms of hygiene, safety and appearance, in order to prevent damage to human health, particularly as a result of pathogens. At the same time, account is also be taken of the well-beeing of the bathers e.


In this respect the well-being of bathers for example, by minimizing secondary reaction products of disinfection shall also be considered.

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DIN – European Standards

The demands made on Jacuzzi and warm water spouted bed besins are integrated into the specification, thus obviating the need for German Standards Specification DIN 19, Treatment requirements to achieve this aim are stated. Combinations of process with ozonization” ; – DIN “Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths – Part 4: Add to Alert PDF.

It does not apply to the treatment of water in domestic swimming pools and for water in facilities with biological watertreatment. Combinations of process with fixed bed filters and precoat filters”; – DIN “Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths – Part 3: Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, xin a networked server. It does not apply for the treatment of water in family pools and water in facilities with biologically treated water. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

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