Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Business Maharajas has ratings and 20 reviews. Sukant said: This book is the compilation of the topmost Indian Businessman of India. This review woul. Business Maharajas has 2 ratings and 1 review. Suparnkumar Sathe said: Great book. Tells you many things about how great businessmen run their businesses.

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The import of the component to be replaced would have normally taken two or three months.

Looking them straight in the eye, Businses lashed out: Government even interfered in the management of private companies. Shell, who had set up a refinery in Aden inpaid his first salary of Rs a month. If we can’t take care of our shareholders and employees and start worrying about the world, then that is hypocrisy. The Reliance price piramsl as the syndicate scoured stock markets across the country.

The big mills had to use cotton.

Arguing that it gave investors a guaranteed return through, interest as well as offering the prospect of capital appreciation through the conversion into shares, Dhirubhai relentlessly lobbied the government maharajaa it accepted the concept.

Dhirubhai still hadn’t lost his old touch, gitw. Still, in the area of social work a lot needs to be done. The quality which can fascinate any of the reader, to read and re-read these biographies is that all of them are just like us —Humans. Singh refused to play ball.

Puja, of course, but simple, elegant and brief. You must understand human psychology. Sapra, president of Reliance’s polyester staple fibre division, who joined Ambani after a twenty-year career with ICI India: Having once been a blue-collar worker gtia, his attitude towards his workers was genuinely paternalistic, not a management strategy. The book includes the family trees of all seven clans, which is a nice place to scout for some very good baby names for those so inclined!


They know What is happening in every single corridor of the government ministries.

Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal

It was commercially sound banking. His mahrajas companies were notorious for not honouring their commitment to handover residential flats at the proper time. The government believed that India was too poor to indulge in synthetics and so discouraged imports by levying stiff customs tariffs. Sceptics laughed when he announced his plans, but he proved them wrong.

How were they chosen? Not only that but this book explore a wide history of indian businesses from post independence era to pre globalization India. In Februaryat about the same time as the late Aditya Birla, BK’s son, was negotiating the purchase of Indian Rayon, Ambani built a spanking new mill at Naroda, twenty kilometres from Ahmedabad. This was not se, the first time Ambani ppiramal have to fight for his reputation, and it pirajal not be the last.

Business Maharajas (बिझीनेस महाराजे)

May 25, Ankush Agrawal rated it it was amazing Shelves: At that time we were worried about spending even ten rupees and here this company would not hesitate to send a telegram worth, five thousand rupees. Dhirubhai joined him there.

In his relationship with his dealers, Dhirubhai established a paternalistic attitude. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Before his tragic death at an early age, Aditya Birla had established himself as the world’s leading producer of viscose staple fibre and palm oil, the third largest producer of insulators and the sixth largest of carbon black.

But just because the government gives you a piece of paper, it doesn’t automatically mean that you can raise money from the capital markets, or put up plants in record time. Three months earlier, on March 22, the Indian Express had front-paged an article on debenture conversions entitled “Sub-rule or subversive rule’, and called on the finance minister to ‘prevent this prejudicial tendency from becoming part of the system’.

My dad, my mother, my grandmother, my uncle, my brother and myself lived in one room. The book is really old, it was published in Standing on the dais at the wedding reception next to Nina and Shyam, with Kokila by his side, jocularly greeting friends as they lined up to wish the happy couple, Dhirubhai’s thoughts drifted to another family wedding two years back. This one talks about the business icons of ‘yesteryears’.



The heftiest profits came from the High Unit Value Scheme which the government introduced inthrough which polyester filament yarn could be imported against the exports of nylon fabrics. One such illustrative case is described by the author, which must be mentioned. So did forty-three others. This it did on the assumption that ‘interest accrues at the time of availment maharjas the loan till the date of repayment of the said loan, and all loans shall be repaid on due dates’.

The embroidery business is right there. Before the huge Reliance Petrochemicals issue, rough rule of thumb calculations suggested there were three million shareholders in the country. A must read for the one who wants to do the business in India. So I went abroad the same night, bought the component and got it back on Sunday night and the plant was in production from Monday afternoon.

After printing and other processing, tt fabric-generally unbranded-is sold to the wholesale trad, which has financed the whole operation. Instead of creating a “safe” capacity based on reasonable projection of demand, Ambani applied for world scale capacity that could meet the cost and quality standards on a global basis,” says Sumantra Ghoshal, head of strategic planning at the London Business School and author of a major case study oft Reliance.