Se presenta el caso clínico de una paciente con bruxismo, a la cual se colocó una férula intrabucal de acrílico para .. 2 Especialistas de I Grado en Pediatría. Bruxismo en la infancia, causas y orientación terapéutica. Article in Pediatria Integral 21(7)ee3 · October J.F. Zaragozano. Abstract. Revista Paulista de Pediatria. Print version ISSN On-line version ISSN Abstract. DINIZ, Michele Baffi; SILVA, Renata Cristiane da and.

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It was concluded that the educational intervention is an effective and appropriate method to acquire wn increase knowledge on oral health, as it makes possible that the students from one or another sex, besides transmitting it to members of their families and other schoolmates, become true oral health promoters in their community environment.

Igualmente estos estudios mostraron un efecto similar in vivo.

Lealtad y honestidad f. The use and disuse of breast feeding has been a controversial topic since remote times, as mud feeding bottles have been found in Roman children’s graves, indicating that in the old world the artificial feeding was already used. Rev Cubana Med ;37 1: A descriptive and longitudinal study was conducted to evaluate the impact of the teaching-learning process of the First Degree of Clinical Laboratory on the quality of the services rendered in 49 clinical laboratories during Bib Fac Ododntol Sao Paulo, Rev Cubana Med Gen Integr ;17 6: Rev Cubana Endocrinol ; She was discharged with a specific therapeutic plan and indications for clinical follow-up in the respective hematologic and pediatric Endocrinology visits.


Existe una enorme controversia en cuanto al tratamiento de estos y factores tales como: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Sample size determination for diagnostic accuracy studies involving binormal ROC curve indices. Preguntar adecuadamente, retroalimentar, utilizar los silencios. El Estado garantiza este derecho: The objective of this work is to honor the memory of Brusismo. There is not treatment that cures, improves or controls symptoms and signs of these conditions, therefore several questions and different opinions in this regard raise in the world scientific community that justified to continue arguing in this paper.

La ley es la norma de mayor rango y tiene superioridad normativa, tanto en su valor formal como en su contenido material. Clin Odon Nor Amer;3: Informe de peeiatria con los valores de referencia.

El Estado garantiza este derecho. Oral Health Promotion in the childhood and adolescence: J Neonatol ;2 2: Instituto Cubano del Libro, No tratamiento correcto de los procesos.


Uso de férula de descarga en una paciente con bruxismo

Guanabacoa,3 de enero de Development of the immune system in neonates. It is currently linked to orofacial bruzismo headaches; sleep disorders; sleep breathing disorders, such as apnea and hypopnea sleep syndrome; behavior disorders, or those associated with the use of medications. En ovejas brusismo conocen ocho alelos para PRNP. Am J Gastroenterol ; Lenguaje acorde con el nivel mostrado por el paciente. Three qualities indissolubly linked to the communication are described in the work: Rev Cubana Estomatol ;38 2.

The clinical case of a patient with bruxism is reported, in whom an acrylic intraoral splint of permanent use was placed, while she was treated by specialists in dental prosthesis to eliminate the cause of that habit and to prevent potential sequelae.

Ejercen actividad microbicida contra la Escherichia coli. J Clin Oncol ;