Posts about JAIS wedding process written by atiqahmokhtar. fill in the forms ( form 2A for the groom-to-be and forms 2C & 2D for the bride-to-be. . It’s under the Pas section and called Borang Pengesahan Pas Bagi Tujuan. Pemohon hendaklah mengisi borang permohonan secara online dengan menggunakan akses Permohonan Nikah Dalam Bahagian dan Luar Sarawak. Dapatkan Borang 2A Dengan Mengisi Permohonan Secara Online Di Laman Web 3. Lengkapkan Borang Dan Lampirkan Dokumen.

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You will also be required to fill other relevant details about the akad nikah, including the mas kahwin. The groom-to-be will fill in the JAIS application form for marriage and prepare the required supporting documents, all of which have to be verified by the Penolong Pendaftar Nikah PPN in his area — this refers to the designated jurunikah attached to the mosque closest to his house — accompanies by two witnesses.

Right after we got the HIV test results, we began dealing with the forms. A few notes on this:. In contrast to my experience, 45 minutes is very good!

Make sure the background is blue! The groom will then pass this surat kebenaran kahwin to his bride bride-to-be. The test is an on-the-spot affair. Thoughts The thing about being contented. Tahniah dan terima kasih atas per To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For Singapore, this comes in the form of a search of marriage records by the Registry of Muslim Marriages borqng Singapore. Some KK accept appointments, while some, only walk-ins.


Note that it’s free tau, the form. Reply Farah Waheda Wahid October 7, at The chicken left all of its chicks alone, just to become your food.

Luckily, I 2z brought all our nikah-related documents just in case. You have to go there on a working day best to be in modest wear — I wore a tudung and make you way to the main entrance. The guy now has 2s hand over the stack of documents, including Borang 3A, to the lady.

A few notes on this: You can park at the open air carparks located near the office. Again, even though this was not explicitly stated as a required supporting document in the form, the officer had asked us for it. Past that, Reza and I waited for almost two hours, gave up on waiting and went out. Pemohon perlu mengenal pasti jenis permohonan berkahwin seperti berikut: Once we submitted our documents and got it all processed, we had to mais another hour and a half or so before the signed document was returned back to us.

You can find the form in the download forms section on the Immigration website.

Wedding prep: The documents – Stripped

My parents have been sending Asna to this ongoing motivational course. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less.

Greed is when you want to acquire more than you should be getting by hurting others. Once done, you print the form.

Just before the middle of the year — about six months before our akad nikah — it was announced on paper that attendees of the pre-marriage course would be required to go through a before and after course test very soon. Dokumen lampiran wajib dibawa sekali sewaktu hadir. Make a call to the nearest mosque to find out and set an appointment with the PPN.


Upon hearing this, Reza immediately booked us a slot at Masjid Negara. Just for reference, you should be heading to the Bahagian Pasport counters on the third floor, i.

Wedding prep: The documents

To be safe, I think you should aim to submit about a month to a month and a half before, which is what Faizal and I did. Having sorted the hassle that is your pass verification, you should have everything sorted. There are additional forms to fill if you live somewhere different to the address stated in your IC, or if you are planning to get married somewhere outside of Selangor, or if you are planning to have a wali hakim.

How dare you let it be thrown to the trash! For Faizal and I, since we were submitting the forms together to the PPN at the same time, we used the same witnesses — my uncle and my brother. But I dengar cerita lepas ni diaorang nak buat test la, ada praktikal la, etc.

The result of the HIV test is valid for six months, but we did it about three birang before the date. JAIS provides all the application forms for getting married online. I knew a person who wore braces.