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The Reorganized ACI 14 Code. – Are You Ready? Neal S. Anderson, P.E., S.E.. Staff Consultant. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Chicago, Illinois. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has pub- lished Building Code Requirements for Struc- tural Concrete (ACI ) and Commentary. /R ACI Building Code and Commentary. PREFACE. The code portion of this document covers the design and construction of structural concrete .

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Elastic shortening of concrete 3. Effective prestress — The stress remaining in the tendons after all losses aic occurred, excluding the effects of dead load and superim- posed loads. Such 3188-10 shall be reinforced at right angles to the joists with at least the amount of reinforcement required for flexure, giving due consideration to con- centrations, if any, but in no case shall the reinforcement be less than that required by Section In tied columns the amount of reinforcement spliced by lap- ping shall not exceed a steel ratio of 0.

Fatigue of Concrete, Bibliography No. The equivalent of all bars interrupted shall be pro- vided by extra steel on all sides of the openings.

The structure may be considered divided into a number of bents, each consisting of a row of columns or supports and strips of supported slabs, each strip bounded laterally by the center line of the panel on either side of the center line of columns or supports. Screw connections shall be prohibited.

Building official—See Section c. Tension in the precompressed tension zone: Shear reinforcement consisting of bars, rods or wires shall not be considered effective in members with a total thickness of less than 10 in. The limiting value 318-100 shearing stress in slabs and footings, vu, in Sections c and d shall be: Relaxation of steel stress 6. Such web reinforcement shall also be provided for a distance equal to the depth, d, of the member beyond the point theoretically required.

Please choose a product format. Cross grain compression 8. The water content shall be the minimum necessary for proper placement but in no case more than 5y2 gal per sack.

Transfer — The operation of transferring the tendon force to the con- crete. The Building Official may require a reasonable number of additional tests during the progress of the work. The slab or footing acting essentially as cai wide beam, with a potential diagonal crack extending in a plane across the entire width.


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Where column faces 318-01 offset 3 in. Formwork for Concrete, SP-4, 8y2Xll-in. A tension bar may be anchored by bending it across the web at an angle of not less than 15 deg with the longitudinal portion of the bar and making it continuous with the reinforcement on the opposite face of the member. For those structures in which earthquake loading must be considered, E shall be substituted for W in Eq. The piping and fittings shall be assembled by welding, braz- ing, solder-sweating, or other equally satisfactory method.

Investigation may be restricted to those cross sections nearest each end of the member that are required to develop their ultimate strength under the specified ultimate load.

Other documents that provide suggestions for carrying out the requirements of the Code are also cited. Web reinforcement shall be anchored at both ends in accordance with Section Longitudinal bars bent so that the axis of the bent bar makes an angle of 30 deg or more with the axis of the longitudinal portion of the bar 4. Prestressed concrete—Reinforced concrete in which there have been adi internal stresses of such magnitude and cai that the stresses resulting from service loads are counteracted to axi desired degree.

Release of pretensioning may be effected by gradual means or by burning of tendons. In any panel, the area of reinforcement per unit width in the long direction shall be at least one-third that provided in the short direction. The concrete covering of the pipes and fittings shall be not less than 1 in. Where information for the determination of fsH is not avail- able, and provided that fse is not less than 0.

The successive span lengths in each direction shall differ by not more than 20 percent of the longer span. The joints between columns and slabs may be considered rigid, and this rigidity infinite moment of inertia may be as- sumed to extend in the slabs from the center of the column to the edge of the capital, and in the column from the top of slab to the bottom of the capital. A column strip consisting of the two adjacent quarter-panels, one each side of the column center line.

Service dead load—The calculated dead weight supported by a member. The compression stress on the loaded area shall not exceed the bearing stress allowable for the quality of concrete in the supporting member as determined by the ratio of the loaded area to the supporting area.


Full text of “ACI Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”

Except in anchorage regions, strain in reinforcing bars shall be assumed equal to the strain in the concrete at the same position.

A semicircular turn plus an extension of at least four bar diameters but not less than 2Vz in. In building frames, particular attention shall be given to the effect of unbalanced floor loads on both exterior and interior columns and of eccentric loading due to other causes. The structure shall show no evidence of failure in the retest, and the recovery of deflection caused by the second test load shall be at least 75 percent. It is preferable to provide all ties in the form of extended stirrups.

Longitudinal location of bends and ends of bars: When openings are provided within the area common to two column strips, that part of the critical section shall be considered ineffective which either passes through an opening, or is covered by a radial projection of any opening to the centroid of the support.

Concrete, structural lightweight — A concrete containing lightweight aggregate conforming to Section Composite column—A column in which a steel or cast-iron structural member is completely encased in concrete containing spiral and longi- tudinal reinforcement.

318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

For negative moment, along the edges of the panel at the faces of the supporting beams. Pipes carrying liquid, gas, or vapor which is explosive or in- jurious to health shall again be tested as specified in 3 after the concrete has hardened. The capacity xci bond at ultimate load may be taken as 1. The equivalent of the bars so interrupted shall be provided by extra steel on all sides of the opening.

The temperature of the liquid, gas, or vapor shall not exceed F. Splitting tensile strength— see Section Stress—Intensity of force per unit area.