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Usually age ; most tumors are malignant; rare in African-Americans Cryptorchidism: STSG donor site regenerates from hari follicles, skin appendages. Succinylcholine What is an adverse effect of succinylcholine in burn patients?

Crisis presents similar to sepsis with hypoTN, fever; steroids are diagnostic and therapeutic. Retinoids can reverse leukoplakia and reduce chance of 2nd head and neck malignancy Head and Neck SCCa: Do diverticulectomy Type III: DNA gyrase inhibition What is the mechanism of amphotericin binds sterols to alter fungal cell wall What antibiotic prolongs neuromuscular blockade?

Killeg proliferative of palmar fascia causing flexion contracture of fingers of hand, unknown exact cause trauma, DM, EtOH, epilepsy Treatment with steroids, physical therapy, but may need fasciotomy. Intra- and Extrahepatic cysts Caroli’s disease. Sistrunk procedure – en bloc excision of cyst midline with hyoid bone there is a risk of malignant degeneration of thyroid tissue in cyst What is the 1 complication of cystic hygroma?


Often due to hyperextension What are the indications to operate on a skull fracture?

ABSITE Killer Plus

What is the treatment of liver amebic abscess? Hypotension What is the optimal treatment for bleeding gastric varices in chronic pancreatitis? CMV is highest Hep C 1: TEF, radial, absihe anomalies Ladd’s procedure for malrotation: Augments diastolic coronary blood flow and reduces afterload by inflating during diastole inflates 40msec before T wave, deflates with p wave. Radioactive iodine only useful for well-differentiated tumors papillary and follicular Superior laryngeal n, external branch: What stimulates its production?

Enters chest on right with aorta at T12, crosses to left ppus T4, then joins left subclavian at junction with IJV. Must excise, leaving cyst increases cancer, pancreatitis, and cholangitis risks Transplant if type IV or V What are the types of choledochal cysts? Medullary thyroid cancer Patient with family history of MEN who has ret proto-oncogene should have total thyroidectomy.

Cord like mass laterally; Sbsite Every Year Perianal abscess in Crohn’s: Augments diastolic coronary blood flow and reduces afterload by inflating during diastole inflates 40msec before T wave, deflates with p wave What electrolytes are actively secreted by the colon? Diaphragm What is the rate-limiting step in cholesterol formation?

Associated with ischemic gut, decr asbite flow. Copper Describe the Cori cycle glucose to lactate, to the liver, to glucose During starvation, what does the brain use for fuel? Which types need open procedures?


Causes increased free water absorption at the distal tubules and collecting ducts and increases peripheral vascular resistance. NaK 4, Ca 2. Orchiopexy incr fertility but does not decr CA risk.

To move the current card to one of the three colored boxes, click on the box. Cord like mass laterally. ATN What are the zones of the neck?

Present a little older 50salso F: Redman syndrome histamine releasenephrotoxicity, ototoxicity What are side effects of metronidazole? No antigen presentation needed.

Keep position sense, light touch What is Brown-Sequard syndrome? Incr C peptide as with parathyroid hormone, C terminal of hormone is inactive.

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Navicular fracture – even with negative XR, requires cast up to elbow What is a Dupuytren’s contracture? Wide local excision, rarely mastectomy.

Consumptive coagulopathy or CHF due to hemangioma – usually in infants. I – cricoid to sternum killr inlet II – angle of mandible to cricoid III – base of skull to angle of mandible.