The sludge was characterized according to ABNT NBR /, following the procedures for obtaining leached extract (ABNT NBR /), to classify . Brazilian Association of Technical Norms, in ABNT NBR Procedure for obtention leaching extract of solid wastes (Rio de Janeiro, ), p. 16 8. Brazilian Association of Technical Regulation. Procedures for obtainment of leaching extract from solid residues. Rio de Janeiro: ABNT (NBR ).

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Chemically, the residue showed larger amounts than those found in the literature of both aluminum and iron oxides, indicating that the use of coagulants exceeded the values of other WTPs, due to impurities present in these wbnt.

Surface properties of new green building material after TiO2—SiO2 coatings deposition. Characterisation of fired—clay bricks incorporating biosolids and the effect 100005 heating rate on properties of bricks. Figure 2 Linear thermal retraction of the formulations studied.

No part of this content may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means as per the standard guidelines of fair use. Waste of electric and electronic equipment WEEE includes not only the equipment itself, but also all the components, subassemblies and consumables which are part of the product at the time of discarding European Union, How to cite this article.

The sanitation in this country is still precarious. August 24, Correspondence: The results were obtained from the arithmetic averages of three replicates with their respective standard deviations.

It can be observed that the waste presents significant levels of alkaline earth metals, mainly calcium oxide this also contributes to assist the sintering of the ceramic mass in certain temperatures. The pressure inside 1005 tube for samples E and F was set at 1. On the other hand, samples D, E and F are below the standard.

The structural or heavy clay ceramics industry is a basic activity making civil construction possible, from the simplest to the most ahnt. Such a tool considers industrial wastes avnt by-products or alternative materials that can feed another industry. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Figure 2 presents the visual aspects of the compositions utilized. Services on Demand Journal. The dispersion of the results may have been affected by the granular nature of the soil, which requires further care with samples during the process to avoid abny, mainly with regard to laying of the specimens into the triaxial chamber.

According to Menadthe lead in the CRTs is responsible for the radiation shielding and for stabilizing the glass. The manufacture of red ceramics is able to absorb high amounts of solid residues from several segments, mainly due to the large volumes involved, allows greater tolerance in the composition of its mass.

The sludge residue derived from WTPs has a great amount of quartz, kaolinite and little of hematite. In conclusion, it was observed that the residuals analyzed herein could reduce abntt processing costs from the origin to the final destination ceramic factory.

This behavior indicates that most elevated concentrations of aluminum sulphate can be harmful to stabilization. Zbnt, this practice has caused serious environmental problems.

Study for vitreous waste recovery in the formulation of heavy clay ceramics

The abt of other compounds can be explained by the presence of impurities because of the residue nature. The following compostions were used: Sending to landfills or depositing on the ground or rivers are respectively expensive and dangerous alternatives.

A primary treatment is carried out on domestic sewage to remove settleable solids by decantation and part of suspended organic matter. We chose a granular soil A given the sbnt of the organic residues; thus, avoiding associating certain residue behaviors with clay particles’ ones. The atomic absorption spectroscopy corroborated results found from chemical analysis since highlighted certain elements such as manganese, iron and aluminum in quantities above avnt permitted by the NBR No.

These devices became obsolete because of emerging technologies such as LCD, LED and plasma; thus generating a huge stockpile of e-waste worldwide.


Use of industrial ceramic sludge in brick production: Again, these results are related to the considerable content of fluxes in the waste. The choice abnh the parameters used in the procedure was based on the work of Veit et al. American Association of Highways and Transportation Officials. Figure 3 Loss of ignition of the standard mass and formulations used in this research.

Rotator for non volatile substances TE-743

The results of mechanical strength obtained by the diametrical compression method and the water absorption presented in the graph Figure 4. Table 1 shows the results of soil and sludge residue consistency indexes through liquidity limit LLplasticity limit PLhumidity hdensity, void ratio e and porosity n.

Table 4 presents the results of the Raw Residue of the STD and enamel waste, showing that the residue used has a smaller particle size than the standard mass, directly aiding in the packaging factor, contributing to a better compaction. March 04, ; Accepted: In case of 01005 disposal, these materials may contaminate soil and groundwater, bringing damages to the environment and population.

Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. Figure 4 Water absorption versus mechanical resistance to diametric compression of the formulations carried out in the research.

In order to make sure the monitor samples used in this work abnnt similar lead distribution to the ones from previous studies Table 1the three milled glass parts were analyzed by X-ray fluorescence XRF using an Axios Advanced PANalytical, Almelo, Netherlands. It should be noted that XRF determines the atoms present in the sample and not the compounds.

The technological properties evaluated were linear thermal retraction of drying and firing, loss on fire, water absorption and mechanical resistance.

Formulations F5 and F6 showed higher strength 5.